sabato 14 luglio 2007

Have I seen you before? Have I been here before?

Today we went to Milano to see the exhibition spaces. Afterwards some of us went to see Luigi Ontani's show, the Duomo and also some of the exclusive shops by Dior, Versace etc...... Some of us stayed in Milano, some of us drove back to Como and some of us went somewhere else. Me and Jamie came back to Como at around 8 pm and decided to have dinner together. We were talking about different things and at some point our conversation reached the theme of déjà vu. Jamie said that he had had déjà vus here in Como which was really strange, because this was the first time he was in Europe. I was surprised because I too remembered having one or two déjà vu while being here, but I didn't think about it more than just established the fact that I had a déjà vu. What surprised me even more was when Jamie told me that even Ryan had had a déjà vu here. So what does this mean? Of course it doesn't have to mean anything, but at the same time you would think that it is a little odd..? Have anyone else had any déjà vus or is it just the three of us? Would you like to believe that it is just a coincidence or is it something more?

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R Ward ha detto...

Yes, its pretty amazing that Ryan had a deja vu. Maybe a deja vu for Ryan is like true reality..