martedì 17 luglio 2007

Versace Mircle

All I need is € 36 from each of you and this Versace Miracle will be possible, molto grazie.
Of course if I include all the faculty, another 5 donators, it only comes to only €30 each.

Yours Ryan Siegan Smith

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R Ward ha detto...

Get a haircut man! No-one will sponsor you with hair that unkempt. Anyhow, the button is too tight at the front I think. Did I tell you I bought myself a Vivian Westwood suit? Maybe one day we can both wear them and go for a walk.
We've almost got a huge flat here. Its top floor with a magnificent view to the Pentland Hills and its totally unfurnished and beauititiful. You should try and see it sometime...

Ciao for now.


R Ward ha detto...

Wait this might not have been the right sort of comment for this blog.
Wahtdaya think?

R Ward ha detto...