martedì 21 agosto 2007

some thoughts on interview

In general, I agree with Jacopo and Alicia. I think the parameter set for the interview section is rather rigid, and the result will be something repetitive that, as Jacopo pointed out, people are unlikely to read.

I think Alicia’s idea of us interviewing each other could be an elegant solution. But perhaps there are ways in which the grouping could be done with more intentionality instead of dividing us according to the social unit we were hanging around with, which was largely contingent.

My suggestion is to introduce the curatorial intervention in the system of pairing. For instance, people like Anna or Cesare could group each of us with another person whom they see artistic affinity, potential of rigorous discussion, constructive mutual criticism, etc. Then each pair will conduct interview, in the form of sending each other questions via e-mails, or hold a less predetermined discussion. Obviously, the result could be a vast accumulation of correspondences, but I think this could be solved if extensive editing is done by the Mousse people. In this way, we will collectively determine the outcome of the interview part in the catalogue, and the result will be much less predictable.

Regarding the plastic folder idea, I think it’s a very nice option and we should try to pursue it.

I hope everyone is well.

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