mercoledì 5 settembre 2007


dear all,
although we are convinced that the blog is fundamentally the space for your discussions and exchange of ideas, we do want to express a couple of consideration re the issue of the questions that have been proposed from the publishers of the catalogue.
we are convinced that a contribution in form a text from each of you (having to do with your work and/or with the workshop) is very important and necessary for the catalogue; on the other hand we too think that the proposed questions are pretty generic and somehow too many; let's say that they can be conceived as guidelines, to make your own statement about the experience you had in como.
we are not interested in "eulogies", but we would like to work in building together a possible path.
therefore we think that you can feel free to answer or not, with no limits of length, not worrying about answering to all of the questions or to just one of them.
please consider that in the next few days we will formulate and send to each of you one, more individualized, question related to the collective discussions about corso aperto.
we hope all the best for everybody
annie, anna, cesare, roberto

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