martedì 4 settembre 2007


I think the discussion about the interview was and is really positive.
At the moment I am trying to answer to some of these questions and I think that in a way an answer can change and reinterprete a question.

I am constantly think also about the show....and trying to find some pictures of the previous final shows i just see a list of the participants and bio but no one image. I thnk it should be very good to have a sort of website with picture and bio about us....something different from the blog that is more for us.....something that is like a short presentation on the web of our work.
Unfortunatly i don't have webdesigner skills, but I was wondering if some of us have some experiences about. I have some experience in collecting and editing the material for catalogue and website (editing and organizational works)....this things maybe could be helpful.
So if someone else is interested in the idea and there is someone with the skills that would like to work with me for the website, i think this could be a very intersting and enduring for the audience connection to our work.

we could also see if the foundation could find a sponsor and we could cover the cost of a webdesigner......

what do you think about????

london is grey.



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