sabato 18 agosto 2007

On Questions and Answers

I find in an interview situation it is better if we are asked one question at a time, and after reviewing the response to the question we are then asked another. It would be nice maybe if observations were made about our work or attitude say in relation to the questions and answers so that we can gain better understanding of each others practice. I do find some of the questions very broad, which is not necessarily a bad thing but may invoke a range of responses and interpretations and disjuncture between answers. and re Jacapo's last comment I agree people might lose interest with the repeated nature of the answers. Some of the questions are also quite individualistic such as 'tell me about your experience of living and working with other people, tell me about joan Joanas'...etc. Maybe a bit of back and forth discussion could make for more interesting feedback for the catalogue. Maybe we could converse in small groups bouncing back emails to accumulate information and incite more discussion. IE the groups could be the groups of the houses that we stayed in or in groups we hung out in in Como as we may have experienced things together. Maybe the curators could have input or opportunity to respond also?
I am a big fan of the plastic special addition jacket!
I have some lovely new photos too add very soon also...
Ciao to all!!!

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