sabato 18 agosto 2007

summer interview

Thanks cate to promote a discussion around the interview it could be propositive.
Personally, I find some problems with the question for the interview:

_it's impossible to respond of all the questions with more or less the same amount of words (from 600 to 900) this way there is no freedom to build a personal interview....for example if I want to respond with just one sentence to be effective I can't!
I understand that we don't have to be too long I will not be.

_there are a bit too scolastic

_there are too many.....I doubt someone want to read more that 20 quite long interview of young artists.

What happen to the idea of the plastic folders with pressure seal? MArtina told me that in Milan there are really cheap (Chinese solution) and I just saw a publication by Fiona Banner in De Koening Bookshop that it's exactly a newspaper format in a looks very very cool.


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jamie ha detto...

claude closky (?) also has a cool one out
cardboard cover/box with news print inside...
should be reasonably do-able