lunedì 3 settembre 2007

I will be very practical:

_I think the limted amount of words 600-900 for each questions it doesn't have to be respected....I understand that we don't have to write too much or too less but when you write for a magazine or catalogue you never tell to the interviewed how much he has to just tell the overall amount of words.

_I think that there are very too much questions:
i particualrly don't like the one about the "influence of the course" question number 6 because it's too similar at question number 4.
I think 5 questions there will be more than enough

_I not agree to give to Mousse so much material I can because I would like to be very in control with my material even if I think it's important to have editor and editing.

I think we should also start to speak about the exhibition so we could get an idea how it will be.

It's someone going to Barcelona for Joan's exhibition?



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