lunedì 3 settembre 2007

Well said Jacopo.

I agree that we should be pragmatic and deal with the situation with some cunning so as to have a concrete influence on the outcome.

Roundtable discussion is a great idea, but I don’t see it happening unless there is some kind of institutional initiative put forth by the fondazione. The worst scenario for any sort of discussion is that a group of self-conscious artist having a discussion about having a discussion. It’s fruitless to say the least. So let’s focus on what we’ve got already and think about other possibility when it is in our reach.

I also find some of the questions rather pointless. It feels that whole questionnaire was made with rash. My root is strictly my business and I am not going to tell the whole world about it. And I wonder what do they expect us to say about the time we had in Como. Even if some of us have something critical to say about it, do they really think we would reveal it in this context? If what they want to hear is a eulogy, it’s not our job to provide them with justification of their project.

I can also say that what I think of Joan is my personal matter. If the question concerns her practice, then I am not disinclined to share my thoughts.

The rest of question can be more adequately answered in an artist’s statement.

Having said these, I think the best way for us, given that there will be no change made, just answer those questions that we feel like answering without worrying too much about the length restriction and ignore the rest.

Personally, I would be more interested in answering questions with more precise directions concerning our practice, with certain criticality. “What can you tell me about your work?” Which aspect of my work? I can tell them about which camera and film I use and why, or which typeface I prefer. The questions are designed in such a way that it wouldn’t clarify much about our work.

But what concerns me the most is that up till this point, there has been no comment made by any of the staff of the course on what we’ve been discussion. Which makes me wonder whether there is any real possibility of making difference through us squabbling over the nature of interview.

However, it’s very positive that we are talking about all these stuff.

The sky over Frankfurt is drab, I hope you are having a pleasanter summer than this, wherever you are.


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